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Water to go

Bijgewerkt: 19 nov 2019

Water on the road

Having clean and drinkable water available on the road is a basic need. We have a 140 liter watertank in our camper. Very convenient because we don't always have water available on the places we camp.

Contaminated water

Unfortanetly, the water from the tap is not always drinkable in a lot of countries.

Also, the water in our reservoir get's contaminated with bacteria, because of the temperature and the closed setting.

We have had a long search for this problem and luckily found the solution in these great waterfilter bottles of water-to-go.

What is so special about these bottles?

The bottles have a patented 3-in-1 filter that is designed by Nasa and uses a combination of Alumina and activated carbon to filter 99.9% of all the parasites, bacteria, virusses, chlorine, fluoride, protozoa, lead, mercury and a lot more.

No more worries about contaminated water, because of this technology, we now always have fresh water available on the road.


Taking the bottles on our hikes and citytrips, allows us to travel light without liters of water. We just fill the bottles wherever we find water. This can be a river, a stream or a city fontain.

Making the world a better place

We save a lot of plastic because of these bottles. This is very important for us because we are always trying to make the world a better place. Did you know that we use 30 million plastic bottles a day in Europe? 30 milion! That's just insane. Let's all start to use reusable drinking bottles to make sure that we decrease this amount.

We love our bottles, having clean water and helping the world.

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